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Swim Care & Cleaning

To keep your swimwear looking it’s best, be sure to treat it with care!

After getting into saltwater or pool water etc, step in the shower and rinse off. Keeping salts, chlorine and other strong substances from sitting on your swimwear is the best trick to keeping its colors vibrant!

Swimwear is not made to be thrown in the washing machine; instead, hand wash your bikini with mild soap in cold water.

Avoid laundry detergent as even just a little bit can cause fading and is far too harsh for bikinis!

Be sure to avoid soaps with moisturizers as well.

Some colors may transfer so please do not mix light and dark colors when washing.

Line dry or dry flat, do not wring, twist, hang or iron. Hanging swimwear can cause it to stretch out as the weight of the water may congregate at the bottom of the piece.

Always avoid direct on swimwear contact with oils, sunscreen, and heavily chlorinated pools.

Treat your swimwear with plenty of LOVE so it can love you back for a long time! 

You will notice that your pieces from Viosa Collection last a lot longer than items from most other swimwear brands! The difference is thanks to the ultra high quality fabrics, threads, elastics, and techniques used in manufacturing our swimwear. All of Viosa Collection's products are proudly manufactured right here in the USA!! We are proud to create American jobs, and to not be a part of the "fast fashion" world that creates literal tons of pollution and carbon emissions.